One of the sacred phenomena of nature – severe cold with hail and storms, which approximately from 17 to 25 February Kazakhs have the name – Börisyrğaq (from the word “Böri” – wolf, “syrğaq” – fun). At this time the wolves begin their mating season. During the mating season, which lasts only 5-6 days a year, the wolves accompany the she-wolf, separate her from the herd and settle down in safe places to conceive and give birth to their offspring. During this period it is forbidden to hunt wolves in Kazakhstan. Prohibitions regulate human behaviour towards sacred animals and occupy a special cultural niche. For Kazakhs and Turks in general, the violation of taboos is a violation of the harmonious relationship between nature and man, for which there will always be a punishment. Symbolically, the wolf totem also metaphorically represents the crossing of boundaries, various border and tipping points or moments. Perhaps that is why in the traditional worldview of the Kazakhs the wolf is understood as the source of this actually dangerous natural phenomenon – Börisyrğaq.