On the right side of the threshold (male side) was installed owner’s bed – “tösekağash”, separated with curtain – shymlyldyq. The decor of the bed was given special attention in Kazakh culture. Sh. Tokhtabaeva writes: in the tradition of Kazakhs the bed symbolized the marriage bed, the inviolability of the family and marital happiness, so they tried to decorate it as much as possible, which was supposed to magically stimulate marital happiness and, accordingly, the increase of the family and wealth [6, p.267]. The first installation of the bed (or other furniture) was always accompanied by feasts with gifts for the women. 

Among the Udmurt, the richly decorated bed is a symbol of the home, of the family, which is manifested in the ritual of the first preparation of the bed of the newly married woman. If the Udmurt practice the ritual of making the bed, the Buryats, in contrast, practice the rite of spreading the bed. The first spreading of the bed takes place under ritual chants, and between the bedding hides money with the wishes of the family fortune. Kazakhs to the first spreading of the marriage bed newlyweds do not allow childless women. Also, the daughter-in-law was not allowed to lie on the bed of the parents of the spouse.