The number “two” is a symbol of pairing, duality/binarity of the world expressed in the eternal opposition: woman – man, life – death, good – evil, right – left, day – night, etc. Such opposition structure reflects the unity of opposites contained in the symbolic image of the whole world culture: yin-yang, paradise – ad, etc.

In many mythical representations of the Turks, it is said that the world is divided into an upper and a lower realm. The upper realm is the space associated with the masculine. The lower is the underworld, the disorder, the dark is associated with the feminine. Moreover, the number “two” in Kazakh culture stands for irreversibility and non-recurrence of events, phenomena and life: “eki ainalyp kelmeidi” (will not return for the second time). Binarity is reflected in the Kazakh yurt, which is divided into a right (female) and a left (male) part. In accordance with this principle is the entire interior of the house, which is discussed in detail in the section “Signs and symbols of traditional housing”.