One of the most important numbers in Kazakh culture is the number 25. It is associated with the idea of a dashing youth (a famous folk song of a zhiyrma bes), one of the mushel falls on the number 25, and this number appears in the dowry of a rich Kazakh bride.


Regarding this, E.N. Zhanpeisov, citing M. Auezov, notes: the bride’s dowry was twenty-five. It began with a caravan from Kokand bought for a hundred sheep silk carpet. Then went – twenty-five chests. Dress, linen, tablecloths, dishes, pillows, blankets – twenty-five in total. Even the decoration of the loft bed with bone carvings, which were made of silk fabrics, corresponded to the same number [2, pp. 71-72]. We can assume that the number 25 in Kazakh culture means completeness, a certain perfection, integrity, the moment of completion of something.