In the mythology of many peoples of the world, twilight is considered the most dangerous time of the day. In world culture – is a transition symbol, a threshold: a time of uncertainty, ambivalence, the area between two states. Among the Kazakhs there are a number of taboos related to twilight: at that time it was forbidden to play with dolls, because it was believed that jinns could nestle in them; to let the child in the street; to take out the milk and leave it uncovered, and the traveler was advised to spend the night at the grave, where the shaitans and other evildoers do not go. Among the Slavs, it was believed that man is not guarded at twilight and is most vulnerable at that time of day. After sunset it was forbidden to work in the fields or to perform any activity.

In general, according to popular belief, any action after sunset carried the risk of restriction, abandonment, leaving. Also, all peoples of the world, including the Kazakhs, were forbidden to sleep at this time: this was the time of the “strangers,” the otherworldly forces. According to the belief, twilight is especially dangerous for people in the “transitional phase” – children, pregnant women, the sick, etc.