In the worldview of different peoples, the stars have different and complex meanings, but most often this celestial body symbolically “illuminates” the earthly journey of man. In the European tradition – a symbol of high aspirations and the symbol of happiness. Turkic nomads with special fear to the stars, measuring with them almost all their life activity, and their naming is associated with rich astral mythology.
The North Star – Temir Qazyq – (Iron Pole), the horses attached to it walk in a perpetual circle – the stars Aqbozat and Kökbozat (Little Ursa). The Big Dipper is called by the Kazakhs Zheti Qaraqshy (seven robbers), Zhetigen (seven) or Zheti Qart (seven elders). On the map of the starry sky Urker (Pleiades), Üshar qar – tarazy (Orion) and Sümbille (Sirius) were highlighted. Cosmogonic legends and myths are connected with almost all stars. Qus zholy (Bird Road) – The Milky Way. The ancient Turks, like other peoples of the world, believed that the stars influence human destiny, grant and take away luck, and that a particular star corresponds to the soul of a particular person. Therefore, the Kazakhs at the sight of the shooting star pronounced: «Meniñ zhūldyzym zhoğary» – «my star is high».