The number “one” in the world culture means the primary unity, the beginning and the creator, and is also a symbol of man (microcosm). In Turkic/Kazakh culture, this number symbolises the unity of the universe and the unity of God, which is reflected in the expression “Bir Täñir” (one Tengri/one God), i.e. the number “one” – the beginning of everything, and also expresses unity, unity and even absolute peace.

“Zhalğyz” sometimes also has a negative meaning, which is reflected in the expressions: “zhalğyzdyk” (loneliness), which in the national understanding is mainly inherent only in the Supreme and the universe – “zhalğyzdyk Qudaiğa ğana zharasady”; ” Zhalğyzdyn üni shyqpas, zhayaudyn shany shyqpas” – “one does not even have a right to a voice”, indicating the powerlessness of man, a peculiar equivalent of the Russian expression – “one in the field is not a warrior”.